Unique ceramics handmade in Cornwall

You'll either find me in my workshop, carefuly crafting ceramic pieces, or sharing my love for pottery with others through my classses and workshops. Shop my collections, or book a class now.

About Me

Hi, I'm Miranda, owner and potter here at Earth2Ware.

I've always been creative, but certainly never imagined I'd turn my creativity into my dream job. My husband and I took our youngest daughter to view Plymouth College of Art, with plans to sign her up to a course. We ended up signing myself, my husband, and my daughter up to courses!

I began my course in Contemporary Crafts, with ceramics as my main discipline and I've been addicted to it ever since.

It amazes me everyday what can be produced from a lump of clay, two hands and some love. From practical wares such as mugs to sculptural delights.

If I'm not behind the wheel myself, I'm guiding someone else who is. I absolutely love to share my passion for ceramics with others, and teach ages 3 and up.

I hired my first studio during my course due to lack of practice space at home. I soon began teaching classes, which led me to opening Earth2Ware.

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